Jamie ‘Stedo’ Stedman | LIVE Central West co-founder, podcast host.

IMG_0716Born and (mostly) bred in Orange, NSW, Jamie ‘Stedo’ Stedman worked as a prison officer for 10 years before having a near death experience (not his first!) that led him to reassess his life. After a short period dabbling with rocks at the mines, he started writing a sports column for Orange City Life and ended up the editor of the mag, where his favourite part of the job was getting to know his local community. Nowadays, he works in real estate with the team at McCormack Barber, where he still maintains his passion for always putting people first. Stedo’s the host of the LIVE Central West podcast, harassing people from all over the Central West to join him for a coffee and a chat about what makes them… well… them! Listen to Stedo’s own podcast here.

Denise ‘Millsy’ Mills | LIVE Central West co-founder.


Denise Mills was born in Dubbo and is now living in the village of Millthorpe, NSW. Denise was a tax accountant for small businesses for almost 10 years before deciding that life really didn’t have to suck (no offence to any accountants). She then went on to work as a TAFE teacher, a university lecturer and a freelance writer. It was only after letting go of the numbers gig that she found her true passion was for words, people and connection. She is a book lover, a TV-avoider and sometimes-blogger. For LIVE Central West, Denise is mostly behind the camera, doing the writing side of things, or bossing the team around.

Dan ‘The Man’ Pritchard | LIVE Central West podcast editor

1475789_10202095971097250_1579048905_nDan’s a cracking chap, born and bred in Orange who is luckily much smarter than he looks. When he’s not at his day job as a physio assistant, he can be found playing an array of musical instruments – from bass, to guitar, ukulele… basically anything that makes a noise. He also runs his own nursery (plants, not babies) and edits a bunch of podcasts. What podcasts, you ask? Well, he’s the audio editor of the Space Cave Podcast hosted by comedian David Huntsberger; he co-produced and edited Jason Sims Puts You In Your Place; and he edits the remarkable LIVE Central West podcast.